User Centered Design and it’s Impact on the Identity of Projects

This article shows a part of the User Centered design process in development by the Sinapsis UX Research Team to improve the usability of a web application that is conducive to the creation of research and development projects. Steps taken will be detailed and the conclusions of the first part of the cycle will be shown. The focus of analysis will be on demonstrating, through key findings, that the processes of usability improvement has a double function: enhance an interface’s usability and the way the original institutional project is expressed through it.

Keywords: User Centered Design (UCD), Heuristic, Ethnographic research, HCI, Usability, Design

Note: This paper is not yet published in English. There is an earlier version which was published in Spanish by No Sólo Usabilidad journal: El Diseño Centrado en el Usuario y su impacto en la identidad de los proyectos.

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