Hi, I'm Martín Szyszlican.

I'm a web developer specialized in civic tech and user experience.

Mainly focused in abrimos.info, where we are trying to improve the experience of working with public information. I'm also collaborating with some other initiatives such as Sutty, where we are a cooperative building resilient websites for organizations of all sizes.

If you want to know more about me you can probably just search my name but here's my twitter if you want to follow me, and my linkedin if you want to... whatever people do in linkedin.

I'm available for conferences and mentorships, people say I have deep knowledge of civic tech projects, user experience and web technologies and I'm great connecting with teams. Also I'm open to collaborative projects where I get to do user research, usability testing, API integration, data processing and visualization. If this is the reason you are here, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

This is a plain website, coded by hand directly in the server using nano via ssh, with minimal style and content. I want to support a fast, responsive and easy to maintain web, and to stop using bloated frameworks. I'm especially tired of maintaining wordpress sites. I hope you feel the same and don't think I'm doing this because my skills are limited.

My old website is still available while I manage to migrate the content and decide what to do with it.

Thanks for dropping by :)